Welcome to The Maddening Loop. A site dedicated to movie analysis, deliberation and interpretation. Sometimes informative and worthwhile, sometimes just awkward and elaborate, but always enthusiastic. Split into the following sections:

ABRIDGED REVIEWS: Like an appetizer to a main course, Abridged Reviews are the short and concise analysis for those not inclined to the elaborate ranting of the Rambling Reviews. Like all good film trailers, they are only the best bits at one hundred words a piece.

RAMBLING REVIEWS: Lovingly crafted for the film connoisseur, the aficionado, and the compulsive cinema dweller, Rambling Reviews are the incoherent mumblings all good movies deserve. A ranting, raving safe haven for the true cinephile.

THE MADDENING LISTS: The standard impulse of all true nerds – entirely unnecessary yet perfectly intriguing list-making. Odd choices, random pickings and select obsessions formatted into simple and easy to read dot points for geek sampling precision.

RANTINGS: An outlet for an endless stream of musings and confusion, Rantings is a series of pompous dribbling disguised as intricate and thought-provoking reflections on film and all film based products.

RATINGS LIST: The exhaustive results of years of watching films – a complete list of movies rated and sorted in order from the very greatest to the entirely woeful. Updated monthly, with links included to any reviews available.

Visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for updates and general abbreviated excitement. Any praise, joyfulness, criticism or vile hatred can be directed to themaddeningloop@hotmail.com. Enjoy!

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